Welcome To Codez_uk

“Codez_uk” stands by the motto ‘Life is nothing without passion.’ Codez_uk is an organisation based in the Bedfordshire area that specialises in Arts & Culture.

“Codez_uk” is founded by Codie Hackshaw, she is the managing director and founder of the company “Codez_uk.”

Codie Hackshaw studied for the majority of her youth and achieved a BA Hons in Advertising, Media & Public Relations at Middlesex University based in North London.

After gaining her qualifications and professional experience within different industries, she then went on to start “Codez_uk” as a form of artistic expression.

“Life is nothing without passion”

“Codez_uk” also wishes to provide support, guidance and teaching within the local community as a way of inspiring the young leaders of the future to achieve their individual dreams and goals.

All of the work displayed on this website is registered and copyrighted to ‘Codez_uk’ ltd.

Please be respectful when visiting “Codez_uk.”

Peace, Love, Light and Blessings to all who visit this site around the World.

All my love,

Codie Hackshaw.

E-mail for more information : Chackshaw92@gmail.com


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